YouthBuild Preparatory Academy

Our Education Model: Rigorous, Relevant, and Empowering

Competency-Based Education at YBPA

At YouthBuild Preparatory Academy, we embrace a competency-based education model, a progressive approach that focuses on the mastery of skills and knowledge, rather than just accumulating credits and passing grades. This approach ensures that our students gain a deep, functional understanding of the curriculum, preparing them not only for academic success but also for real-world challenges.

Meeting and Exceeding Graduation Requirements

We understand the importance of adhering to state educational standards and are committed to ensuring that our students meet all graduation requirements as mandated by Rhode Island. Our curriculum is designed to align with these standards, while also going a step further to include holistic and culturally relevant learning experiences.

“Different Does Not Mean Lesser” ~ Anthony Hubbard

Our educational philosophy is rooted in the belief that “different does not mean lesser.” YBPA offers a unique blend of rigor and cultural relevance, ensuring that our students are not just academically proficient but also culturally competent and socially conscious. We offer a learning environment where diversity is celebrated, and every student’s identity is valued and nurtured.

A Culturally-Relevant Curriculum

Our curriculum is not just about meeting academic benchmarks; it’s about connecting learning to the lives of our students. We integrate cultural relevance into every aspect of our program, from literature and history to science and mathematics. This approach allows students to see themselves and their communities reflected in their studies, fostering a deeper connection to learning and a greater sense of purpose.

Career Pathways: Fostering Liberation and Social Change at YouthBuild Prep

Embodying the Principles of Liberation and Abolitionist Education

At YouthBuild Preparatory Academy, our educational framework is deeply rooted in the principles of liberation and abolitionist education. Our approach goes beyond academic learning, aiming to empower students to become agents of social change, equipped to challenge and transform oppressive systems. Our curriculum and career pathways are designed to awaken a critical consciousness in our students, enabling them to understand and act upon the social and political issues that impact our communities.

Community Development Corporation Model: A Platform for Change

Our school is modeled after the Community Development Corporation approach, emphasizing communal involvement, collective responsibility, and social advocacy. This model is instrumental in guiding our students to identify, understand, and address the systemic challenges faced by their communities. It serves as a powerful platform for our students to apply their learning in meaningful ways that promote equity and justice.

Diverse Concentrations in the Community Development Academy

The Community Development Academy at YouthBuild Prep offers concentrations that are aligned with our liberation and abolitionist ethos:

  • Social Entrepreneurship: Students learn to create enterprises that challenge the status quo and provide innovative solutions to social issues.
  • Nonprofit Leadership: This concentration empowers students to lead organizations that advocate for systemic change and community empowerment.
  • Technology and Construction: Focusing on fields that can significantly impact community development and social equity.
  • Culinary Arts, Human Services, and Community Health: These areas are pivotal in addressing fundamental community needs and advocating for holistic well-being.

Real-World Projects: Dismantling Systemic Barriers

Our students engage in real-world projects designed to directly confront and dismantle the systemic challenges their communities face. These projects are not only educational experiences but also acts of liberation, enabling students to apply abolitionist principles in practical, impactful ways.

AmeriCorps and Service Learning: Empowering Students for Civic Engagement

Select students at YouthBuild Prep have the unique opportunity to become AmeriCorps members, embodying the spirit of service and community advocacy. This experience is integral to our model of education, as it aligns with our commitment to liberation and provides students with valuable experience in civic engagement, community building, and social justice advocacy, while also offering pathways to college scholarships

Our Commitment to Your Child’s Future

At YouthBuild Preparatory Academy, we are dedicated to providing an education that is both academically rigorous and personally meaningful. Our approach ensures that students are not only prepared for academic success but are also equipped with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Join us in this journey of empowerment and growth.

Graduation Requirements at YouthBuild Preparatory Academy

At YouthBuild Preparatory Academy (YBPA), we understand the critical importance of preparing our students for the multifaceted challenges of the future. Our competency-based education model is designed not just to meet, but to exceed graduation requirements, ensuring that every diploma we award is a testament to a graduate’s readiness for college, post-secondary training, and meaningful employment. Our rigorous, relevant, and empowering curriculum equips students with the essential skills, knowledge, and critical consciousness required to thrive in a rapidly changing world. By integrating academic excellence with practical experiences and community engagement, we guarantee that YBPA graduates are well-prepared to navigate and succeed in their chosen paths, whether they lead to higher education, vocational training, or the workforce. Our commitment is to provide a liberating educational experience that fosters academic achievement, personal growth, and civic engagement, preparing our students to be the confident, competent, and civically engaged leaders our communities need.

Requirement Category Details
Total Credits/Courses Minimum of 20 courses
Core Subjects Proficiency Proficiency in English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies
World Languages/Fine Arts/CTE 2 credits
Physical Education/Health 2 credits
Electives Minimum of 2 credits
Demonstration of Proficiency in Essential Skills Minimum proficiency on SAT and other state-mandated assessments
Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) Integrated into Student Success Plans
Community Service or Service-Learning Total service hours dependent on years of attendance, documented in a portfolio
Capstone Project Capstone project exposition, along with a portfolio of work completed at YBPA