YouthBuild Providence

Changed My Life! ~ Charles Blackwell, Class of 2013

YBP has successfully disrupted the trajectory of Providence’s disconnected youth. Our educational programming and human services supports help unleash our students’ talents and realize their goal of attaining a high school diploma or GED.  Students exit our program confident in their skills and abilities to transition successfully beyond YBP into postsecondary education and career. The YBP philosophy – which guides our policies and daily practices – is consistent with YouthBuild USA’s conviction that “the intelligence and positive energy of young people need to be liberated and enlisted in solving the problems facing our society.” At YBP, the young people who enroll in our programs are considered an asset, and therefore, are believed to be a critical element in solving our community’s challenges. 

Our model is designed based on a community that recognizes and supports the diverse needs of urban youth, creates an environment for individual growth, and cultivates social and emotional development resulting in successful transition from adolescence to adulthood.  YB Prep is laser-focused on academic excellence and achievement.  We provide a rigorous and relevant, standards-driven experiential learning community to ensure all students master the content and skills necessary to earn a post-secondary degree.

The YouthBuild program is designed to serve the unique academic and nonacademic learning needs of urban youth. The curriculum is grounded in the principles of social justice.  This includes a focus on social and economic issues facing urban youth, educational equity, politics and advocacy, community development, and mental, physical and emotional wellness.