Our Programs

“A place where the curriculum adapts and responds to its urban environment.”

Many of the young people YBP has served over the years have not experienced the “true value” of education. To instill this value, we have learned that education programming must be both challenging and relevant. Students – especially the young men we serve – must see a “pay-off ” for their efforts delivered in the near future. Therefore, in addition to the core academic content required of all Rhode Island public high schools, YB Prep’s career-focused Academy is based on the professions of primary interest to the young people we serve. The Community Development Academy is derived from a social justice/community development theme to which YouthBuild students have connected.

Community Development Academy: Involves three components:  the construction program and community-building is the foundation of all YouthBuild programs. Content,  knowledge, and skill-building in the construction trades provide the vehicle by which young people “rebuild” or “redevelop” their communities. The Community Development Academy also includes the social entrepreneurship and nonprofit administration & leadership program where student learning is focused on leadership development and capacity building for nonprofits.

Construction Technology: Will integrate workforce development, construction trades skills and training (e.g., safety, CAD, carpentry, masonry, etc.) with secondary math concepts (e.g., algebra and geometry) and urban planning and development. Specific coursework will include housing development and gentrification vs. revitalization, culturally-responsive policy, and elements issues in community development housing.

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Will teach students how to use data to define community needs, creating an innovation plan or strategy to the need, engaging in storytelling (or marketing) to garner support for and communicate the plan, and strategy execution. Specific coursework will include culturally-responsive policy and research methods in community-based practice.

Nonprofit Management:  Will focus on fundamental management and leadership skills, confidence, and increase the capacity of students to create or improve organizational effectiveness, innovation, and sustainability using impact as a metric for success. Specific coursework will include sustainable economic development, housing development, and gentrification vs. revitalization, culturally-responsive policy, trauma-informed teaching and learning, and research methods in community-based practice.