Sandra San says, My son attends this program presently and it was the best decision. Regular school isn’t for everyone. This is one excellent alternative #YouthBuildProvidenceRocks

YouthBuild Providence serves Opportunity Youth ages 16-24. To ensure our students attain a high school diploma or GED and can demonstrate college and career-readiness, we offer a rigorous, relevant and standards-driven educational model. In addition, because many of our students enroll with inadequate content knowledge and skills, the model includes strategies (e.g., frequent assessments and out-of-class supports) to accelerate learning to make certain students attain a high school diploma before they age-out of the public school system.

Based on our experience, many of the young people YBP has served over the years have not understood the “true value” of education. To instill this value, we have learned that education programming must be both challenging and relevant. Students must see a “pay-off” for their efforts delivered in the near future.

Based on a social justice framework, the YB project-based curriculum is comprised of internally developed texts and materials; commercially generated readers, materials, manipulatives, software and open-sourced web-based content; and print, video and audio content produced by popular media.