Student Services

Our counseling and case management services are the glue that holds all of our other components together. These services help students manage their lives more effectively and prepare them for the challenges of work and independent living.

Case Management: Students are assigned a case manager upon enrollment. The assigned case manager works with his/her students throughout their tenure at YB. Enrolled young people participate in three initial meetings (includes one alone with the case manager, one with his/her family/guardian, and one with a peer group) to assess student needs. Enrolled young people are administered a Student Barrier Assessment to determine in- and out-of-school services needed to ensure academic success and positive life outcomes. Case managers use this information – in collaboration with students – to create a Student Success Plan (SSP). Students and their case managers review these SSP’s during biweekly meetings designed to ensure progress is made towards established goals.

Counseling: Services include both on-site counseling and off-site referrals. Individual counseling is determined on an as-needed basis. On-site individual counseling services are provided by YB Prep’s case managers with counseling backgrounds and social workers. Their approach is based on the American School Counseling Framework.  YB Prep support staff work together as a team with the education staff to provide academic and nonacademic supports to students. One case manager specializes in supports for students and families facing chronic mental and physical illnesses.

In addition, based on YBP’s established history of implementing effective “group” or small setting forums. Group topics are decided by students based on issues or concerns they would like to address. Case manager may also suggest topics based on work-specific concerns noted during the course of their initial or on-going assessments that are most appropriately addressed in a peer group setting. Examples may include: substance abuse, gang-related issues, anger management and parenting.