Resilience and Dedication

When most students look at the clock hoping the bell would ring so they can run out into the world – Raul Lanzo stays back and take full advantage of teachers, tutors, and interns who are ready and willing to offer additional assistance with projects, homework, and online classes.

Mr. Lanzo is 18 years old and a native of Syracuse, New York and dreams of becoming forensic specialist where he can help solve unsolved murders. He also plans to open a small barbershop while working on his dream.

Raul has a 4.0 GPA and a 98% attendance after making a promise to the Executive Director if he would be allowed to attend YouthBuild he would come to school every day and on time. Mr. Lanzo lived up to his end of the promise., he has only missed a day due to illness with permission for Mr. Hubbard. Raul is an obvious example of resilience and dedication.